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Research Associate Professor

Zhan Tian

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Dr. Zhan Tian is a Research Associate Professor of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology. He obtained PhD degree in geography from the Institute of Geography Science and Nature Resource, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006. His scientific interests include the broader issues of sustainable development and climate change. He has more than ten years of research experience in climate impacts, adaptation, and mitigation strategies for agriculture and city. His current research interests focus on assessing the adaptation and mitigation measure and techniques of climate change on China's agriculture ecosystem and city flooding . His research projects have been funded by agencies such as National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Chinese Meteorological Administration(CMA), Ministry of Sciences and Technology (MOST), UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as NGOs such as WWF. He was also served as civil servant at the government with the duty of designing climate change policy.



2003 - 2006 Ph. D. degree in Global Change and Geographic Information System, The Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2000 - 2003 M. S. degree in Climate Change and Agricultural Ecology, Shan Xi Agricultural University and Chinese Agricultural Academy of Sciences.
1996 - 2000 B.S. degree in Medicinal botany, Shan Xi Agricultural University.

Sep. 2018 to present, Research Associate Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology

Aug. 2018 to Aug.2018, Visiting Scientist The School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London (SOAS)

Dec. 2008 to Aug.2018, Senior Research Scientist and Division Chief, Climate Change Division, East Regional Center of Chinese Meteorological Administration, Shanghai (CMA).

Feb. 2016 to Apr. 2016, Visiting Scientist The School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London (SOAS) and UK Met office Hadley Centre.

Jul. 2012 to Aug.2012, Visiting Scientist, Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Austria.

Jul. 2011 to Aug.2011, Visiting Scientist, Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Austria.

Aug .2006 to Nov.2008, Research Scientist, Agro-Meteorological Division, Shanghai Climate Change Research Center, East Regional Center of Chinese Meteorological Administration (CMA).

Mar. 2007 to Sep.2007, Post-Doc. at Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Austria.

2017-       2rd East China Climate Change Assessment Report (Coordinating Lead Author)
2015-2017   Shanghai Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Report (Coordinating Lead Author)
2015-2016   China National Strategy for Urban Adaptation to Climate Change (Lead Author)
2013- 2015   Assessment Report on Climate Change of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration (Coordinating Lead Author)
2009-2011   China National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation (Lead Author)
2008-2012   1st East China Climate Change Assessment Report (Coordinating Lead Author)


2018~2020 Lead Principal Investigator, “Developing Engineering Options for Mitigating Future Compound Flooding Risks in Shanghai by Transferring the Expertise of UK TE2100” sponsored by UK Royal Academy of Engineering and Newton Fund of the UK , (GBP 140,000).
2017~2021 Principal Investigator (China side), ‘Sustainable Solutions for Managing Compound Flood Risks under Future Uncertainties: The Case of Shanghai City and the Yangtze River Delta Region’ sponsored by NWO (The Netherland)-NSFC (China)-EPSRC (UK), (EUR 280,000 + RMB 3 million + GBP 300,000).
2017~2019 Co-Principal Investigator, “Development of an Integrated Urban Framework for Climate Services in the Yangtze River Delta Region” sponsored by the Met Office and Newton Fund of the UK , (GBP 155,000).
2017~2020 Principal Investigator, “Employing Robust-Decision-Making Perspective to Guide the Evaluations of Alternative Options in Mitigating Flooding Risks Posed by Extreme Events under future Climate Change – Taking Shanghai as an Example” Sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (750 thousand RMB).
2016~2017 Principal Investigator, “Climate Risk Assessment for the City Cluster in the Yangtze River Delta Region” Sponsored by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office China Prosperity Strategic Programme Fund (SPF) (110K GBP).
2015~2016 Principal Investigator, ‘A Study of Flood Control Strategies for Shanghai to Respond to Climate Change’ Sponsored by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office China Prosperity Strategic Programme Fund (SPF) (84520 GBP).
2014~2017 Principal Investigator, “Assessing the regional suitability and comparable advantages of growing Oil crop in China under climate change” Sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (750 thousand RMB).
2012~2014 Principal Investigator, “Climate Change Adaptation Policy on Extreme Weather and Risk Management in Shanghai City” Sponsored by Shanghai Special Funding of Climate Change(400 thousand RMB).
2010~2012 Coordinator and Co-Principal Investigator, “Assessing the Impact of Climate Change and Intensive Human Activities on China's Agro-Ecosystem and its Supply Potentials”, Sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China NSFC–IIASA Major International Joint Research Project Foundation (1, 000 thousand RMB).
2009~2011 Principal Investigator, “Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Productivity: Mixed Scale Data Fusion and Cross Scale Model Simulation”, Sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Young Scientist Foundation (190 thousand RMB).
2008~2009 Principal Investigator, “Climate Change Analysis and Forecasting for Shanghai Municipality”, Sponsored by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) (180 thousand RMB).


2017  Third Class Prize of 2017 Excellent Meteorological Soft Science Research Achievements (rank 2).
2016 The 8th China Technology Market Golden Bridge Award.
2015 National Science and Technology Week and Shanghai Science and Technology Festival Advanced Individual Award.
2014 Third Class Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (rank 3).
2011 Shanghai Municipal Young Excellent Expert Award
2007 Global Change System for Analysis, Research and Training (START) Young Scientist Fellowship;
2006 Chinese Academy of Sciences Young Scientist (PhD) Innovative Research Fund;
2005 The first Young Environmental Scientist fellowship provided by the Institute for Environment and Human Security, United Nations University (UNU-EHS);
2005 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)-International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Young Scientist Summer Program fellowship



Articles published in International Refereed Journals (* marked as the corresponding author)
【1】 Hanqing Xu, Xiaogang He, Zhan Tian*, Laixiang Sune, Dongli Fan, Günther Fischer, Edward Pope, Chris Kent, Jun Wang. 2018. Increased irrigation water requirement challenges affecting the water-food nexus in the Northeast Farming Region of China. Agricultural Water Management. (accepted, IF= 3.366, Q1)
【2】 Zhan Tian, JI Yinghao, Gu Tingting et.al(2018). Changes in production potentials of rapeseed in the Yangtze River Basin of China under climate change: A multi-model ensemble approach, Journal of Geographical Sciences. 28(11):1700-1714 (IF= 2.364,Q2)
【3】 Jun Shi, Linli Cuim Kangmin Wen Zhan Tian etal (2018).Trends in the consecutive days of temperature and precipitation extremes in China during 1961-2015,Environmental Research. (IF= 3.835, Q2),161:381-391
【4】 Zhong, H, L Sun, G Fischer, Zhan Tian, H v Velthuizen, Z Liang.(2018)“Mission Impossible? Maintaining regional grain production level and recovering local groundwater table by cropping system adaptation across the North China Plain.” Agricultural Water Management. (IF= 3.366, Q1), 193:1-12.
【5】 Zhan Tian, Yilong Niu, Laixiang Sun, Jia Deng(2018), Maintaining Rice Production While Mitigating Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Paddy Fields in China: Evaluating Tradeoffs by Using Coupled Agricultural Systems Models. Agricultural Systems. (IF=3.494, Q1), 159:175-186.
【6】 Xuan Yang, Zhan Tian*, Laixiang Sun(2017). The Impacts of Increased Heat Stress Events on Wheat Yield under Climate Change in China. Climatic Change. (IF=3.496, Q1),
【7】 Fan D L, Ding Q Y, Zhan Tian*, etal(2017), A Cross-scale Model Coupling Approach to Simulate the Risk-reduction Effect of Natural Adaptation on Soybean Production under Climate Change. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. (IF=1.560, Q3), 23(3):426-440.
【8】 Zhuoran Liang, Zhan Tian*, Laxiang Sun etal (2016), Heat wave, electricity rationing, and trade-offs between environmental gains and economic losses: The example of Shanghai. Applied Energy. (IF=7.182,Q1), 184:951-959.
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【10】 Zhan Tian, Liang Z, Laxiang Sun etal(2015), Agriculture under Climate Change in China: Mitigate the Risks by Grasping the Emerging Opportunities. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. (IF=1.560, Q3), D21: 1259–1276.
【11】 Zhan Tian, Honglin Zhong, Laxiang Sun etal(2014), Improving Performance of Agro-ecological Zone (AEZ) Modeling by Cross-scale Model Coupling: An Application to Japonica Rice Production in Northeast China, Ecological Modeling. (IF=2.363,Q2), 290:155–164.
【12】 Zhan Tian, Xuchao Yang, Laxiang Sun etal (2014), Agro-climatic Conditions in China under Climate Change Scenarios Projected from Regional Climate Models. International Journal of Climatology. (IF=3.760,Q1), 34: 2988–3000.
【13】 Xuchao Yang, Zhan Tian* et al. (2013). Thermal growing season trends in east China, with an emphasis on urbanization effect. International Journal of Climatology, (IF=3.760, Q1), 33:2402-2412.
【14】 Zhan Tian, Honglin Zhong, Runhe Shi, Laixiang Sun, Günther Fischer, Zhuoran Liang. (2012). Estimating potential yield of wheat production in China based on cross-scale data-model fusion. Front. Earth Sci, (IF=1.051, Q4), 6(4): 364-372.
【15】 Zhan Tian, Guiying Cao, Jun Shi et al (2012). Urban Transformation of a Metropolis and its Environmental Impacts: A Case Study in Shanghai. Environment Science and Pollution Research, (IF=3.741, Q2), 19:1364–1374.
【16】 Zhao H. Y., Gao G., Yan X. D., Zhang Q., Hou M. T., Zhu Y. Y., Zhan Tian. (2011). Risk Assessment of Agricultural Drought using the CERES-Wheat Model: a Case Study of Henan Plain. China. Climate Research, (IF=1.587, Q3), 50(2-3):247-256.

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