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Teaching Professor

Jianghong Shi


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Teaching Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Shi Jianghong is the teaching professor in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology (on the faculty since 2015).

Administrative Appointments

    Teaching Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology (2015-Present)

    Professor and Vice dean, Beijing Normal University (2014-2015)

    Associate Professor and the head of the Department of Environmental Engineering, Beijing Normal University (2005-2014)

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Tokyo University of Technology and Agriculture, Japan (2004-2005)

    Engineer, Vice Deputy of Environmental Engineering Director, Deputy of Business Management Director, Shanxi Academy of Environmental Research (1989-1998)

    Assistant Engineer, Shanxi Academy of Urban & Rural Planning and Design (1987-1989:)

    Guest Associate Professor, River Basin Research Center Gifu University, Japan (201201-03)

Honors and Awards

Technological Invention Award first prize, The Ministry of Education(2012)

University Service and Professional Activities

    Member of Branch of the water environment, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences

    Overseas member of Water Environment Society of Japan

    Overseas member of Japan Society of endocrine disrupting compounds

    Member of International Water Association ( IWA )

    Expert consultant of the Global Environment Facility.


    Ph.D., Tokyo University of Technology and Agriculture, Applied Chemistry (Environmental engineering) (2001-2004)

    M.S., Tokyo University of Technology and Agriculture, Applied Chemistry (Environmental engineering)      (1999-2001)

    B.S., Tsinghua University, Environmental Engineering (1982-1987)


    细见正明,中井智司,史江红,栗田工业株式会社用微生物处理合成雌激素ethynyl estradiol的降解方法,授权号:2003-52356,(日本发明专利)。

    史江红,宿凌燕,曹金玲,韩蕊. 一种能生物降解天然雌激素的燕麦食菌菌株及其应用, 授权号:ZL 201010119350.1

    史江红,宿凌燕,韩蕊,曹金玲. 一种能降解雌激素的香茅醇假单胞菌菌株及其应用,授权号:ZL 201010119348.4

    史江红,曹金玲,韩蕊,杨志峰. 一种污泥中痕量雌激素的检测方法,授权号:ZL 201010153995.7

    史江红,韩蕊,陈庆彩,曹金玲,杨志峰. 一种土壤环境中痕量天然及合成雌激素的检测方法,授权号:ZL 201010154070.4

    史江红,陈庆彩,吴唯,曹金玲. 一种水环境中雌激素及壬基酚、辛基酚和双酚A的共检测方法. 授权号: ZL 201010603567.X

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    史江红,陈庆彩,吴唯,刘晓薇,张晖. 一种水体沉积物或土壤中雌激素结合体的检测方法. 授权号: ZL 201110220803.4

    史江红,陈庆彩,吴唯,刘晓薇,张晖.一种适用于分析复杂基质固体样品中雌激素及双酚A的前处理方法. 授权号: ZL 20111027307.8

    史江红,吴唯,张晖,陈庆彩,刘晓薇,薄婷,贾彦舶. 一种水环境中雌激素结合体的共检测方法. 授权号: ZL 20121012753.3

    史江红,吴唯,张晖,陈庆彩,刘晓薇,薄婷,贾彦舶. 一种复杂基质水体样品中雌激素及壬基酚、辛基酚、双酚A的共检测方法. 授权号: ZL 20121012755.1

    史江红,吴唯,张晖,刘晓薇,陈庆彩,薄婷,贾彦舶. 一种畜禽粪便样品中雌激素及其结合体的共检测方法. 授权号: ZL 201210182786.4.


Since 1999, Dr. Shi’s research has been focused on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals such as estrogens, POPs, and plasticizers, and included consecutive study on their trace analysis technology, concentration distribution in environmental matrix, migration and transformation processes, biological degradation, environmental load evaluation, ecological risk assessment, and control technology.


“ Principles of Environmental Engineering ” and “ Presentation of Scientific and Technological Achievements ”courses for undergraduate.

“Behaviour and Risk Assessment of Pollutants ” courses for graduate.

Professional Activities

Dr. Shi has published 42 Journal papers and obtained 12 national invention patents. In 2002 Dr. Shi obtained the Research Award from the Japan - China Society of Science and Technology Exchange for the outstanding achievements, and the technology invention award with her colleagues from the Ministry of Education. Her master student Zhang Hui won one famous scholarship of Zhou Tingru in 2014 due to outstanding achievement.


1)  Principles of Environmental Engineering


2)  Presentation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

3)  Behaviour and Risk Assessment of Pollutants

4)  Control Technology Frontiers for New Contaminants

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1  Liu Xinhu, Niu Junfeng,Shi Jianghong Liu Xitao 《Environment and Hearth》Beijing, Beijing Normal University Press, 2009.