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Prof. Yan Zheng’s group attended the 10th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge


The 10th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge(ISMAR10)was held in Madrid during May 20-24, 2019. ISMAR10 featured 20 MAR related topics including MAR as a key climate change adaptation measure, sustainable MAR in developing countries, water quality and related hydrogeochemistry aspects, modelling, management of clogging and MAR and economic aspects etc. Researchers, practitioners and regulators from dozens of countries from all five continents presented research that advances in MAR from theory to practice. At ISMAR 10, our project is represented by graduate students Meng Ma (PKU/SUSTech) and Wensi Guo (SUSTech/HKU), post-doctoral trainee Yunjie Ma (SUSTech) and Jakub Modrzynski (GEUS), and Professors Jens Aamand (GEUS), Shisong Qu (U Jinan),Weiping Wang (U Jinan) and Yan Zheng (SUSTech).

During the 10th ISMAR, attendants from MAR-China project communicated and discussed widely with other MAR researchers. Professor Yan Zheng co-hosted a workshop in which she described new environmental and social sustainability indicators that she has developed for a forthcoming UNESCO publication co-edited by her on MAR. She also hosted Session 3 on new regional case studies. Professor Weiping Wang hosted Session 20 on training on MAR and he also gave a presentation on specific types and adaptability zoning evaluation of managed aquifer recharge for irrigation in the North China Plain (NCP). Professor Shisong Qu gave a presentation on water quantity and quality risk assessment of the Karst aquifer recharge with multi-source water in Yufu river of Jinan, China. In terms of water quality, Jakub Modrzynski presented his recent work on simulating removal of organic contaminants of emerging concerns (CECs) through reactive MAR barriers. Yunjie Ma gave a presentation entitled ‘Antibiotic removal during riverbank filtration of reclaimed water’, shedding insights on biogeochemical processes responsible for antibiotics removal during riverbank infiltration of reclaimed water in Beiyun River of the NCP. PhD student Meng Ma presented his research on assessment of the fate of an antibiotic, sulfamethoxazole, from a push-pull experiment conducted in an experimental site in suburban Beijing of the NCP. In terms of recharge quantity, PhD student Wensi Guo presented her regional groundwater flow model results in Baoding Plain of NCP, testing scenarios of using newly available water from South to North Water Diversion.

Finally, during the IAH-MAR Commission Plenary session, Professor Yan Zheng was elected as its Co-Chair. She was received a certificate of appreciation issued by International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) to recognize her exceptional services to advance the objectives of IAH-MAR Commission for her leadership role on MAR for sustainable development