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1. Time Length and Credits Required

(1) Length: 4 years, but flexible between 3 and 6 years. 
(2) Degree type: Bachelor of engineering.
(3) Minimal total credits: 148.5

2. Distribution of Required Credits


3. Curriculum

(1) General Education Required Courses     Required Credits 68.5

There are four required modules that students need to complete in the first two years of their study, GE Science Module (32.5 credits), Physical Education Module (6 credits), Moral Education Module (16 credits) and Foreign Languages (14 credits).


(2) General Education Elective Courses    Required Credits 10

General Education Elective Courses include five modules: Science & Engineering Module, Classics, Arts & Aesthetics Module, Culture and Social Studies Module, Methodology, Thinking & Language Module, and Cross Disciplinary Practice, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Module. Students are required to complete 2 credits for each of the above five modules.


(3) Fundamental Courses   Required Credits 22


(4) Specialty Courses  Required Credits 21


(5) Elective Courses    Required Credits 15

To choose specialty elective courses, students should follow the rules below:
 a. The credits of specialty elective courses should not be less than 15. Besides the specialty elective courses of this major, students may select course from other majors in the School, such as the degree program of Hydrology and Water Resources engineering.
 b. Students can also select courses from other departments. However, an approval from the School is needed. In addition, for the 2016 class, such credits should be no more than 5.


(6) Practice Courses Required Credits 12

* Note: Students can choose projects of science and technology innovation in any term after the second year, so the period is not in the list.
** Note: Cognition Practice arrangement in the summer term after the second year, 64 period in all.